FORMENOS, or the Fangirl's Freehold

by K. E. Nehring

Wednesday , May 19 , 2004


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(organized according to date by Agent Smith)
21 September 2004

My apologies on the long-overdue-ness of this update. There is a reason for the absence of new cartoons. We will be on extended hiatus until our beloved artist returns from the Peace Corps. There will be no new comics until then, though there may be occasional things added to the extras.

Also, I'm getting rid of the current Shiny Glasses Club page, since it morphed into fanfiction long ago. We love reading fanfiction, but we really shouldn't be putting it on the site. It will be relocated to a more suitable home, and finished once and for all. A new version will exist here in a non-fanfic state, explaining shiny glasses and listing characters who have them.

5 May 2004

The comic is now running smoothly on the technical side. Look for regular updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For more on our updates, check the News Page.

8 March 2004

As you can probably guess by our lack of updates, we've been having some technical difficulties. We should be able to get them resolved soon. When we do get everything worked out, The Freehold will be officially changing to a three-a-week format. Please take a look at the other areas on the site, and email us if there's something you'd like to see.

20 January 2004

Designed new layout!

Email us at You know you want to. Shu-Shu knows you want to, too...

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